Carlo's Gourmet Pizzaria

June 15, 2022
Samir Peshori
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Carlo's Gourmet Pizza serves Monmouth County within the central part of New Jersey with their gourmet range of Italian food and pizzas. With the onset of COVID-19, Carlo's had lost a great deal of their staff and was looking for ways to still serve their guests in the same capacity as they were before. To help alleviate that, Glyde Dine-in had stepped in. Carlo's guests were able to order right from their seats, sending orders right into Carlo's kitchen. With the incoming months of warm weather, their outdoor dining greatly benefited from the guests' ability to order right from their seats without needing to walk into the restaurant for any request.


Carlo's had onboarded Glyde Dine-in for both their outdoor and indoor seating arrangement. This allowed the back of house employees to focus on the work in the kitchen to deliver the freshest pizzas they could to the guests seated outside.


With the aid of Glyde's dine-in platform, even with the front of house staff more than halved, Carlo's was able to operate at full capacity in volume of orders. Along with that checksizes were increased with Glyde's upselling and cross-selling systems.

12% increase in check sizes

Equal ordering capacity covered with limited staff


During these times a lot of businesses had to change the procedures and develop a new way of doing business. This app was everything we needed! Not only has this app helped with the hit that we took from a financial aspect, this has been a positive in helping reduce overhead cost and increasing checksizes. With a friendly design and easy to use interface, it gives all my customers a positive experience, I couldn't have designed it better myself. To top it off, my experience with the Glyde team has exceeded all of my expectations, and I can't wait to see what's to come in the future.

John - Owner at Carlo's Pizza

Not only has this platform helped in stopping the spread of COVID-19, but also with the hit that we took from a financial aspect, this has been a positive in helping reduce overhead cost.
Carlo’s Pizza
Glyde has helped with our efficiency in and out of the kitchen while serving our customers. Our guests now get full attention from our staff and are properly taken care of.
Olive Branch
The Glyde Team has done a phenomenal job to handle both our dine-in/take-out orders, along with increasing our average check sizes on-premise.
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