Curry Up Now

August 9, 2022
Samir Peshori
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Curry Up Now, a brand bringing creative and modern takes on Indian street food, was looking for ways to optimize their on-premise ordering process. They knew they needed a solution that truly tended to their guests not only when they ordered, but also as they eat, talk, and take in their time at any Curry Up Now location. After understanding the feature sets and functionality of Glyde's ordering technology, Curry Up Now has incorporated the platform which is taking on 90% of their orders on-premise.


Curry Up Now, first launched with Glyde's Dine-in platform. This allowed their guests to scan a QR code at their table, view their menu, order their food, and pay only when they were completly done ordering & eating. Glyde's Dine-in platform has been able to upsell to each one of Curry Up Now's guests as they order, bringing higher check sizes every time an order goes through Glyde. After utilizing the platform for three months, Curry Up Now, had also brought in Glyde's Cloud Kiosk platform. This now also allows their guest to place an order while they wait in line for either a take-out, or dine-in order. The Cloud Kiosk has optimized the on premise ordering process for the more fast moving Curry Up Now locations and even lets the guests know when their food is ready, asks them if they wanted dessert, or to even leave a review. On top of that, they do not have to worry about the costly upkeep of a tablet-based kiosk because the Glyde team optimized the process with the screen already in every guests' pockets.


Since introducing both of Glyde's platforms into Curry Up Now, labor has been optimized across the board. Every staff member can now focus on the work that truly matters within the restaurant instead of waiting on Jim to finally make up his mind on his order ... gosh Jim. Check sizes, on-premise, have increased within the brand through Glyde's dynamic Cross-Selling and Upselling systems. Finally, Curry Up Now has been able to retain data in a brand new way for on-premise orders.


24% increase in on-premise check sizes

90% of orders on-premise processed through Glyde


With the issues we have been facing with labor and the growing number of guests coming through our doors, we needed the right solution to handle all types of orders on-premise. The Glyde Team has done a phenominal job to handle both our dine-in/take-out orders, along with increasing our average checksizes on-premise.

Akash Kapoor - Chief Trouble Maker, Curry Up Now

Not only has this platform helped in stopping the spread of COVID-19, but also with the hit that we took from a financial aspect, this has been a positive in helping reduce overhead cost.
Carlo’s Pizza
Glyde has helped with our efficiency in and out of the kitchen while serving our customers. Our guests now get full attention from our staff and are properly taken care of.
Olive Branch
The Glyde Team has done a phenomenal job to handle both our dine-in/take-out orders, along with increasing our average check sizes on-premise.
Curry Up Now

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