Bringing 1% Processing Rates to a Restaurant Near You

November 21, 2022
Samir Peshori
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Take your Table Side Ordering Solution to the Next Level with Processing Rates as Low as 1%

At Glyde we are introducing Bank to Bank Payments, allowing your guests to pay with their banks to allow your processing rates to lower drastically. This means more 💰 for you!

When your guest is about to pay for their food at the table, front of line, or at the drive-thru, they now will have the option, with Glyde, to link their bank account as they checkout with their phones. This allows for a direct payment from their bank account to yours, allowing your rates to drop with our efficient on-premise ordering solutions.

Here are the facts on what we are doing:

  • With our bank to bank solution your processing rates can drop from an average of 2-3% all the way down to 1% for you 👇
  • We were already increasing check-sizes on average by 22%, but with our bank to bank solution, your margins will be increased by a guaranteed 1-2% more!
  • We are using innovative ways, such as promotions, quick checkout processes, and more to drive adoption of our bank to bank payments method.

With our mobile on-premise ordering solutions, we have already been driving more revenue, saving time, and optimizing labor for our brands. We are creating more innovative and vital features for our current and coming brands to stay resilient and drive success for them.

If you are not already part of Team Glyde, do feel free to get a demo of the platform & see what ways we can get a no-commitment trial up and running for your brand today! Slot in a time on our team’s calendar with the button below!

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