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March 8, 2022
Eklavya Patel
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With the recent times, the restaurant industry has been going through between labor shortages and tightening margins, it needs all the help it can get.

What can Businesses in Hospitality do?

To address the current issues on hand, restaurants can of course ramp up their search for employees, but that has been an uphill battle as finding willing individuals to work has been diminishing in recent times with the pandemic.

With that said, restaurants need to seek other avenues to cover the work that was once completed by their staff.

Technology has been able to address a lot of issues that labor alone could not solve. Now, especially within the hospitality industry, the on premise ordering process has been automated in various ways. From kiosks in the front of the restaurant, QR codes on the table, and even robots delivering food to guests, many different methods have been instilled to fill in the void created by the labor shortage.

What is the Cloud Kiosk & How Can it Help?

Our team at Glyde has been working hard to provide the solutions restaurants need especially now during these trying times. Our table side ordering system has already been serving the casual dining space with automating various parts of the ordering process. This has allowed a singular server to cover more tables than they could before, alleviating the problems created by the labor shortages. However, this solution really aided restaurants where you would have a full sit-down dining experience. We knew we also had to create a solution for the QSR and Fast Casual space. This is where our platform, called the Cloud Kiosk comes in.

The Cloud Kiosk was built to allow guests to place orders at the front of an establishment to either take-out or dine-in. With the system, there will be a QR code by the front register, allowing the guest to scan it with their mobile device. They will be then presented the restaurant's menu within their phone’s browser from which they can order and pay for their food.

Keeping a mobile kiosk system avoids restaurants from needing to take on heavy upfront costs for tablets or other hardware along with needing to maintain them. Along with that, since every person is on their mobile device and will need to sign in via Google or Apple sign in, the restaurants we serve will be able to capture data in a medium they could not before. Now they will know what items are selling best/worst in their establishment, have access to the contacts of their guests to keep in touch with them about deals/promotions, and more points of data to better their operations.

If you would like to learn more about how our Cloud Kiosk or Dine-in Systems can better help your establishment, feel free to get in touch with our team!

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Not only has this platform helped in stopping the spread of COVID-19, but also with the hit that we took from a financial aspect, this has been a positive in helping reduce overhead cost.
Carlo’s Pizza
Glyde has helped with our efficiency in and out of the kitchen while serving our customers. Our guests now get full attention from our staff and are properly taken care of.
Olive Branch
The Glyde Team has done a phenomenal job to handle both our dine-in/take-out orders, along with increasing our average check sizes on-premise.
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