How Technology Can Solve the Labor Shortage in the Hospitality Industry

July 1, 2022
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Why is there a labor shortage?

With shrinking minimum wage and working conditions deteriorating in the industry with the threat of not only the pandemic,  but also increased work demands, it is becoming more and more difficult to convince people to work in hospitality. More and more is being asked of the workers and they are demanding, not only higher pay, but more benefits to build a more sustainable lifestyle. With profit margins already so tight and now continuously tightening for restaurants, it is nearly impossible for them to meet the wage demands of their employees.

How is this affecting restaurants?

With restaurants’ inability to meet these wage demands for their employees, they are down numbers now more than ever in their front and back of house staff. It is incredibly difficult for them to remain open for the extents of time they once were in the past. Along with that, their margins are only going to continue to diminish with their subpar levels of efficiency and raising demands for wages.

How technology can come to the rescue?

If hiring more labor is a concern for restaurants, the operations and work that the front of house staff would once complete would need to be replaced by something. This is where technology comes in. The ability for a guest to order and pay from their phone is a form of software that is being used increasingly by restaurants. This may range for this technology to be present at the front of an establishment or even table-side.

This automates the process of needing to provide each guest a menu, taking down an order, handing over the check at the end of the meal, or even handling a split check. All the technicalities that were once tedious and time consuming can now be handled from a few taps of the guest’s phone. With the integration of Apple and Google Pay, a clear and easily broken down view of the menu, and no need for an app download, guests will find it easier and easier to transition to a digital method or ordering while dining in/taking out.

Our team at Glyde has developed these platforms to help cycle more guests in and out and let your servers do their actual job, being the host for your guests. Now they do not have to worry about the tedious responsibilities they once had to and one server can cover many more tables with all this help at their disposal.

Our Dine-in platform allows your guest to just scan a QR code at their table, and then we know what table number they are sitting at to let your back of house workers know which table the food needs to be brought to. And do not worry, your guests can order as and when they please, we can upsell to them, and also close out their checks automatically. Our Dine-in platform takes care of all the tedious bits so your staff can work optimally.

So what are you waiting for book a time with someone on our team to see how our solutions can be of best help to you! We want you as a restaurant owner to still thrive during these times and you deserve to.

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Not only has this platform helped in stopping the spread of COVID-19, but also with the hit that we took from a financial aspect, this has been a positive in helping reduce overhead cost.
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Glyde has helped with our efficiency in and out of the kitchen while serving our customers. Our guests now get full attention from our staff and are properly taken care of.
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The Glyde Team has done a phenomenal job to handle both our dine-in/take-out orders, along with increasing our average check sizes on-premise.
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