Payments at the Drive-Thru 🚗

November 30, 2022
Samir Peshori
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At Glyde we are introducing Drive-Thru Payments, allowing your guests to pay with their phones at the drive-thru to decrease wait-time & increase loyalty signups through this new solution!

Here are the perks of having Glyde’s Drive-Thru Payments Solution at your restaurant:

  • ⏱️ As soon as guests place their order at the drive-thru window, they can now pay for their food right from their phones! Now you can save time at the window by no longer needing to take cash or credit. Let your guests quickly pay through Apple or Google Pay right on their phones as you prepare their food.
  • 📲 Now your guests can also split the payment for their order with all their friends in the car! Bring split check capabilities to your drive-thru.
  • 🤝 Most importantly, now you can convert your drive-thru customers to loyalty members. Now you can give your guests the option to sign up for your loyalty programs or even download your app to drive customer retention in a new medium! Our early tests show a 70% increase in loyalty conversations in your drive-thru line.

With our drive-thru payments platform, we are now expanding our scope of clients we can work with and bringing innovative solutions to more mediums in hospitality. Save time and drive customer retention with payments at the drive-thru from team Glyde 🙌 .

If you are not already part of Team Glyde, do feel free to get a demo of the platform & see what ways we can get a no-commitment trial up and running for your brand today! Slot in a time on our team’s calendar!

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Not only has this platform helped in stopping the spread of COVID-19, but also with the hit that we took from a financial aspect, this has been a positive in helping reduce overhead cost.
Carlo’s Pizza
Glyde has helped with our efficiency in and out of the kitchen while serving our customers. Our guests now get full attention from our staff and are properly taken care of.
Olive Branch
The Glyde Team has done a phenomenal job to handle both our dine-in/take-out orders, along with increasing our average check sizes on-premise.
Curry Up Now

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