Square POS Integrations with Glyde

December 28, 2021
Samir Peshori
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Hey all you restaurant owners. Do you use a Square point of sale system in your establishment? With our recent efforts we have been able to fully integrate with the Square ecosystem. After just a minor setup, we can fully push orders, payments, and the whole nine yards right to your point of sale. No need to change your game plan, just make it ten times better. Your customers can utilize our platform to just scan, order, and pay for their orders, all through a contactless system.

You and your staff would have absolutely nothing to change in your space. You keep business going the same way. Our orders push right to your system as if your staff just punched in the order the old-fashioned way. Payments are processed right through your Square point of sale as well. Your customers just walk in the same way, scan the QR code at their table, and can access your whole menu right on the screen of their phones. Their orders will start buzzing right into your POS before you know it.

Now you can take advantage of an automated ordering and payment process to increase table turns, get customers in and out more efficiently to keep crowd densities down during this time and create a contactless ordering system for your guests. It’s really a win-win-win! Keep the social distancing policies in check, make customers feel more comfortable ordering, and give them a cool customized dining experience they can’t get anywhere else. We get to know your customers, their preferences, and dietary restrictions and show them the foods they would love at your place (and also hide the foods they can’t eat, you’re welcome in advance).

So, what are you waiting for?? Check us out at our site: https://joinglyde.com/

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