Why Contactless Ordering is Important?

January 4, 2022
Samir Peshori
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For the times we are all facing with COVID-19, it is of course as important as ever to mitigate all points of contact in any establishment we go to. With that said, touching menus, kiosks, or tabletop tablets, will be a thing of the past with digital ordering from your phone. Along with this comes the customization and versatility of the platform as well. With a mobile based solution, users can get a customized, comfortable, and seamless experience when ordering their food. We are developing such a platform, called Glyde, which will be releasing in the coming days starting with restaurants in the NJ area. For the restaurants, such a platform does not include any form of maintenance as there is no additional hardware, such as the kiosks, that will be added to the establishment. Everyone can use their own phones, feel safe about using them, and have a ubiquitous experience from restaurant to restaurant. It is easy to integrate for the restaurants and easy to use for the customers, so it is a win-win for both parties.

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