Text image of "Remove the Hassle"Text image of "Remove the Hassle"
Increase brand loyalty with every checkout.
Guests can split the check by item, evenly or enter a custom amount.
Accept every popular payment method.
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image of user's selected items they wish to pay for.
image of user's selected items they wish to pay for.
Teal Icon of bill
image of user's selected items they wish to pay for.


Text image of "We keep it simple."Text image of "We keep it simple."
Screenshot showing check pulled from the partner restaurant's point of sale and shown to the user.

Checks pulled directly from your POS

Blend digital payments into your currently service model.

Guests scan a code to see a check pulled directly from your POS system.

A screenshot of user interface showing dinging guests splitting their check by items they wish to pay for.

Guests split the check as they wish.

Guests can select the items they wish to pay for, creating a simple and seamless split.

A screenshot of a pop up asking the guest to sign in to loyalty or rewards program to help restaurant increase brand loyalty.

Build brand loyalty.

Push brand loyalty and your rewards program on your on premise guests.

Our custom experience garners valuable data from your guests.

A screenshot of a guest checking out and adding tip to their order.

Increase staff tips!

Our friendly checkout interface helps increase service tips and capture valuable data.

We experience 18% tips for staff on digital on premise orders.

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It's a partnership.

Our application is flexible to any on premise service model, working in tandem with your staff to maximize the experience of your guests.


Increase in
check sizes


User adoption


Saved per table


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Seamlessly connected

A wide array of integrations encompassing point of sale systems, payment providers and industry partners. This allows us to set your restaurant up with Glyde as fast as 4 days.

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